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Youth's Contribution To National Development

Lovey Chaudhary

"Let us acknowledge and celebrate what youth can do to build a safer, more just world. Let us strengthen our efforts to include young people in policies, programs and decision-making processes that benefit their futures and ours."- Former un Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
The country is not assessed by assets or possessions but by its very own people. Youth in any country embody the future of that country. Youth are not only the frontrunners of tomorrow but also the blessing of today. They have a bubbling enthusiasm which if regulated and utilized the right way can lead a nation to the zenith. Therefore, here lies the chief role of a nation and its government in guiding the youth to the correct way of living and in utilizing their vivacious energy and desire for the furtherance of the nation. The Proper education system, Moral education, and good political situation are a prerequisite to accomplishing it. This can surely ensure rapid national development. Youth have always played key roles in all of the activities in the world, be it war, politics, construction, and destruction; you name it and youth has, is and will have been associated. The appetite, yearning, motivation, determination and high spirit of the youth can make all the difference in either destroying or building a nation.
Youth is that passé in which significant and revolutionary thoughts spring to mind and contour the world we live in. Their actions and inaction both make the state of the nation. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corporation, is a living example. He exercised his innovative thought and look, how he has transformed the world today! There have been myriad of revolutionary youth leaders around the world who changed the world with their actions. As said earlier, Youth is the social actors of change and progress. They are the protagonists in the development of the country a duty they must perform. A nation only gets wealthy when the collective intellect and intelligence of people are put together to earn that wealth. Affluent nations can go from riches to rags if their newfangled generations are unable to keep pace with their forefathers and drive innovation and growth while developing nations can enhance their prosperity with insightful planning and an enthusiastic youth.
Youth is the backbone of the nation. As they say, Youth is the spring of life. India is absolutely full of pride of the fact that it is the world's largest democracy, but if the country has to be governed properly, it has to be done by people who are accountable and who don't misuse their positions of power for their own benefit instead of helping to better the nation. Youth is the stage of innovation and visions. They have the muscle to transform the nation into a better and healthy place. They also have the gift to lead their fellow citizens into the right direction. Youths are warriors. They battle for individuality in society, equality, the homeless, bullying, unemployment, exploitation, poverty and other problems which the world faces today.
Youth illiteracy: A curse on the development. Illiteracy is a primary root cause of poverty around the world. Almost ninety percent of the people who reside in villages are illiterate. The reason is their sheer ignorance and lack of resourcefulness to lead them on the right course. Someone has to pull them up and the youth can be of immense help here. Each one of them hopes for the world full of prospects and opportunities, so unlimited minds can surmount them and become better individuals. Countries ripen and become healthier when more of their youth are refined and educated, and then the education is used for the greater good of the nation.  They need decent moralities and value standards to lever conflicts in a constructive way. We have aspiring surgeons, industrialists, inventors, and who knows; maybe the next president.
Youth citizenship and the politics of belonging. The starring role of the youth is the most imperative in present time. They have played down themselves in the arena of the politics. Youth are robust forces in social movements. Our nation needs them to resolve most of our teething troubles. The nation is confronting the massive set of problems, and I believe that the youths are capable of disentangling them. Racism is a continuing issue around the world. Individuals are belligerent against each other because of the complexion of their skin and the texture of their hair. Religion is another concern, the youths can persuade their equivalents to live in peace, harmony, and love. We are one and the same; we should not allow such slight differences to drive us away from each other.
Youth's helping hands in crime. The current status of our society is degrading. Women are being assaulted, attacked, disempowered and killed by their abusive husbands, families, and society. Individual homes, businesses, are being burglarized. The criminality and vehemence need to stop. The youth yet again has the aptitude to bring about a difference in their country. They have a positive impact on their fellow young people. They can inform, engage and empower them with the helpful things in life. They can make them recognize the significance of a good edification.
Youth must work for the collective betterment. People hustle keeping in mind only their progress and economic growth while forgetting to contribute in the development of the nation in some way. We need to view the bigger picture in mind. We need to reflect how all of us come together to make what the country is today and how the change in the working trends affect the future of the children of the nation, economy and the national development.
Come forward. National development is not solely about working to get a salary but also concentrating on the fragments of the nation which have been overlooked or left behind by volunteering. If the youth volunteers to elevate the backward areas and help in their growth and development, the country will progress considerably faster.
Optimal utilization of means - We are fortunate to be citizens of a country like India which is a storehouse of resources like manpower, fuel, technology and so much more but we as citizens need to realize our sense of duty and use these resources in the best way possible way. For example, using public transport instead or private vehicles helps in saving fuel, better usage of public transport, reducing the pollution level and will be more economical also.
Stop deserting the remote areas -Remote areas of the nation are in dire need of attention and advancement. The country will not flourish as a whole till the time remote and neglected areas are brought into the bigger picture. There are so many rural areas that don't get medicines and basic amenities, those areas are neglected or are out of reach of the government also. Issues related to backward areas must be addressed as a unit, be it electricity, road, transportation, education and healthcare.  Youth can make a noteworthy difference- help the poor, educate the illiterate, help the needy and guide in need of healthcare. The youth should take steps to elevate the standard of living of the people of these areas because this is what is holding India back, non-uniform distribution of facilities and resources.
There are voluminous ways that youth can contribute to national development. They can carry out their good citizenry duties by working hard in any field they are involved in, be it the teaching, mechanic, Medical, or farming field. There is certainly a necessity to organize orientation events for youth to guide them about national service and its benefits. The youth of the nation can actively participate and befit the nation with the support and encouragement of the government, the private sector, the civil society and their parents. It becomes a responsibility of those in authority to bring youth onboard the development wagon. Youth must be made to have faith in themselves and their capabilities for they are a major asset both independently and collectively to lead us to our developmental aspirations. Also to augment the participation of youth in national development, they must be provided the prospect to effectively participate in decision-making processes, especially on issues affecting their lives. If the youth of a country are educated and willing to go the extra mile to effect progressive change, miracles can happen.
If we envision our country to transpire as a global superpower, then we all will have to join hands in harmony and aid and assist the government in uplifting the country. A lot of grinding needs to be done and it cannot be done by a few people. Every man jack needs to contribute in whatever little way they can. The rural youth needs to step forward and out of their relaxation zone, the urban youth needs to think outside their own material satisfaction and the other populaces need to drive the youth and themselves to perform better every single day. India can and will accomplish a lot more than what it already has and that entirely depends on us all, how we use our intellect and vision to develop the country of our dreams.
In conclusion, the title role of the youth in the nation-building is essential. They possess the ability to form an identity for themselves and lead the nation forward. However, they can only accomplish this with the backing of their Government and fellow youth. Consequently, the youths can move the world; make their beautiful land flourish and luster in success.
(The Author is a working Journalist based in New Delhi)
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