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Volume. 22 Article

Many Initiatives Taken to Meet Aspirations of Youth PM 

Government has taken many initiatives to fulfill the aspirations of youth of the country. Addressing the nation from the ramparts of Red Fort in New Delhi on the occasion of the country’s 70th Independence Day on August 15 2016, Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi said the entire world acknowledges the fact that India is a country of youths. He asserted that what cannot be achieved by a country through its youth power whose 65 percent population, about 800 Million people, is below the age of 35 years? Therefore, it is the need of the hour that the youth get opportunity and employment. He reminded that the birth centenary of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya is approaching who spoke of welfare of the last human being.

He added that Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya believed in the philosophy of ‘Antyodaya’, welfare of the poorest and the weakest. He used to say that every youth should get education, every youth should be skilled and every youth should get the opportunity to realize his dreams. The Prime Minister said that the government has taken many initiatives to realize those dreams of Pt. Deendayalji and to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of 800 million youths of the country.  He added that opportunities have been created for the youth through expanding road network in the country, manufacturing of the largest number of vehicles, exporting the largest volume of softwares, and setting up of more than 50 new mobile factories in the country. All these things have created opportunities for the youths.  Mr Modi said “If two crore door toilets have been constructed, it has provided employment to someone, cement has been procured from somewhere, iron has been purchased from some other person, and the wooden work has been got done from somewhere else. As the scope of work expands, the possibilities of employment generation also increase. Today, we have stressed in that direction.”

On Skill development, Prime Minister said, “We are working on ‘skill development’ as a mission so that crores of youth could acquire skills. We have changed a law, though it seems very small, and this law is ‘Model Shop and Establishment Act’.  He said  an advisory has been sent to states to give reasons why the big malls are allowed to open 365 days and up to 12 in the night but a small shopkeeper in the village has to shut his shop after sunset. He asserted that even a poor should get the opportunity to keep his shop open for 365 days. Prime Minister also emphasized that even women should get the opportunity to work in night. He added that legal provisions have been made so that women could go to work in night also.  He said “There should be arrangements for their safety and other requirements but they must get the opportunity to work. These are the things which increase employment and we are working in that direction and we are ready to do it.”

The Prime Minister touched upon major issues of concern to the nation as well as our relations with the neighboring countries. He recalled the sacrifices of the national leaders in the struggle for freedom and also paid glowing tributes to unsung heroes of our freedom struggle who waged a valiant battle for freedom across the country.

 He said the 125 crore Indians have now resolved to complete the journey from Swarajya to “Suraj.” He said the achievement of Suraj will require sacrifice, hard work, discipline, dedication and courage, and added that every institution from Panchayat to Parliament must work unitedly towards this goal. The Prime Minister said that he wishes to focus not on the work done by the Government, but on its work-culture. The Prime Minister defined various attributes of Suraj, such as Sensitivity, Responsibility, Accountability, Transparency, Efficiency and Good Governance.

Mr Modi also spoke of the scale on which work had been accomplished in certain areas, such as opening of 21 crore bank accounts under the Jan Dhan Yojana, construction of 2 crore toilets in rural areas, and electrification of 10,000 unelectrified villages in a short span of time. On the subject of LED bulbs, the Prime Minister mentioned that their price had been brought down substantially to make them more accessible to the common man. He said that the widespread use of LED bulbs would result in huge saving of electricity. The Prime Minister appreciated the farmers for ensuring sufficient foodgrain production despite two successive droughts.

 The Prime Minister said every Indian must abide by the message of peace, oneness and brotherhood, given by great saints, philosophers and thinkers, such as Ramanujacharya, Mahatma Gandhi, and Babasaheb Ambedkar. The Prime Minister said that various initiatives and programmes of the Government are all contributing to employment generation for the youth. He said that the Model Shop and Establishment Act will facilitate opening of shops on all days. The Prime Minister said the Union Government does not hesitate in taking major decisions. In this context, he mentioned grant of One Rank, One Pension, declassification of files related to Netaji, and the Land Boundary Agreement with Bangladesh. The Prime Minister strongly condemned those who were attempted to glorify terrorists as martyrs.


While concluding, the Prime Minister, said “let us proceed forward with a new determination, new energy, new enthusiasm by getting inspiration from those great persons who scarified their lives for our freedom. We did not get an opportunity to die for the country but we have the opportunity to live for the country. We should dedicate our life to the nation. We should achieve something of substance for the nation. We should fulfill our responsibilities and also inspire others to accomplish their responsibilities. We should stride forward for building of one society, one dream, one resolution, one direction and one destination.