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Job Search Via Social Networking Websites

Gaurav Kumar and Anu Suneja

For the last few years, there is immense escalation in the growth of web-based services and applications on the information superhighway. A number of service providers and business tycoons are in the global market with their unique e-products and applications. It has promoted development and marketing of online communities for people from different cultures and business profiles to communicate, network and exchange information on a common virtual platform.

    Nowadays, the online presence has become important for the businessmen and professionals who are willing to be visible to the world on the social networking websites. More than 200 Social Networking Applications are providing a common platform to exchange information and ideas on the Internet. Linked in, Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Hi5 are few social networking websites for personal and professional use.  The social networking service or social media websites operate as the online service, platform, or simply web application that focus on offering a common virtual platform to communicate in the social networks and contribute their interests and activities.

    Besides making friends and chatting, the Social Networking Applications are extensively used for promoting the business and professional profile to have the online presence on World Wide Web. A number of business organizations are using to create their business pages to show presence in global markets.

    Social Networking Applications are widely used as one of the major components in the HR Department of the organization for recruitment of the candidates. The corporate world is implementing Social Recruiting for staffing whereby the social networking websites are used to locate and recruit the suitable candidates for employment in their organization. The employers visit the social networking websites to search the profiles of candidates with relevant and suitable skill set. If a suitable candidate is found on social media, it is also leaves a good impression on the employers that the candidate is socially active with lots of links in various sectors. The job aspirants may use these social and professional networking sites to enhance their career and boost the job search mission.

    These websites provide interface and applications to interact with the global community. Using these web applications, job aspirants can create their online profile or bio-data with the detailed description of skill sets.


    To broadcast the professional profile on social media, the candidate should have a User Profile where the candidate can showcase the talent, skills and experience. The online profile also helps to connect with the other professionals in similar and heterogeneous streams. Many times, it gives excellent results to have an online profile and having connection with the professionals. The professionals of similar interests and skills sometimes offer jobs to the candidate or propose for business partnership.


    Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and many other Social Networking Applications are being used for making personal and professional connections. The registration process on these websites is very simple as the Signup process of other websites. These websites facilitate quick and easy access to the online professional community. Once the profile is ready with all the fields, candidate is able to connect, to network, and to job search and boost his or her career.

Following information should be submitted to the Social Networking Websites to make your profile popular

  • Current Position with Employment History
  • Photograph
  • Professional Summary with Profile Headline
  • Keywords and Skills
  • Contact Settings
  • Links to Web Address / Personal Blogs / Websites
  • Public Profile URL (Example :
  • Signature for sending Messages

    Candidates should note that the Profile Headline is very important because it is visible on top of User Profile and it is vital when employers search the profile on the basis of specific keywords.


  • Fresh Graduate Looking for Marketing Job
  • Fresh MBA with Finance
  • Graduate in Pharmaceutical with 2 Years Experience
  • Graduate and Looking for Job
  • Software Engineer with 2 Years Experience willing to relocate
  • Experienced Marketing Manager willing to relocate
  • Finance Expert with 10 Years Experience
  • Mathematics Teacher looking for an opportunity
  • Professor with 10 Years Experience looking for position of Dean
  • Open to Opportunities at Seeking New Position
  • Student in a Chitkara University, Punjab
  • Finance Consultant
  • Freelance Writer


    In many cases, professionals register their own domain name (Example : or for hosting their personal website and keep their professional profile online. It is useful when they apply for a job opening and send the link of their website or blog.


    The candidates should be careful while posting any message on their page. It is highly distasteful if any bad thing about the current or prospective employer is written therein. Moreover, any comment which is racist, indecent or discriminatory should not be sent online.

    Generally, the users of social networking websites accept everybody’s friendship request to create a huge network but it may be dangerous. A person who is not known to you should be checked and then may be added in the profile as a friend. Sometimes, hackers or anti-social elements try to be intimate with you and it will be dangerous for that candidate who has accepted that person as a friend. This task of accepting and inviting friends must be done with utmost care.

    The candidate should create and join the network of similar stream and interest. It may be the stream experts and professionals who may be helpful to you in future. Groups of similar type of business and professions can be joined to have the updates. The users of social networking websites should follow the industry experts in similar profession on Twitter. A number of tools are available for such activities.
    The Screen Name should be selected carefully by the users. It should preferably be the combination of First Name and Last Name. Any ridiculous or comic screen name should be avoided as it leaves a bad impression about the user.

    It is one of the very crucial behaviour aspect about the candidate with online profile. If any candidate has provided the link of Facebook on and, the data should be consistent. It makes an adverse impression if the skill set, experience and qualification differ in different websites.

    As the Social Networking Applications provide a number of templates for profiles, candidates should select the background and design in a professional way rather than a template with lots of cartoons and designs. It is advisable to select the plain white background and black text while selecting the background.

    If a candidate has created any online CV (Using tools,,  it should be mentioned in the profile so that the employer can visit and get detailed information about the candidate.

    Most of the social networking websites have facility to register the mobile number so that they can send the instant updates on the tweets, contacts and messages on their handsets. It is advisable to register the mobile number as it will be easy and fast to be in touch with others across the globe.

    When we create the profile on Job Websites, prospective employers also want a Web Address/Link where complete professional profile can be found about the candidate. This web address acts as an online identity and makes the presence of the candidates. Moreovers, it is very helpful for the job aspirant to send the link to the employer rather than sending the complete Bio-Data as attachment by e-mail. Now companies prefer to have a web address of the candidate profile where they can find each and everything about the candidate.

    A number of online services are available on the Internet where the candidate can create the Bio-Data or CV. These online CV providers assign a Short URL or Sub-Domain to the candidate (Example : which can be sent to the employers or can be used with the E-mail    Signature.

    These websites provides the following facilities for Job Seekers

  • Create Online Bio-Data/CV
  • Design the CV in an attractive manner by choosing from Thousands of Free Templates
  • Free Web address on Internet


  • http://www.getmyonlinecv. com/candidatename
  • Share the online CV via E-mail or Social Networks
  • Securing Privacy Settings
  • Sending Web Address to Job Websites
  • Interact with Companies and Employers
  • Advice and Consultancy to create the Bio-Data/Professional Profile
  • Indexing in Google and other major databases
  • Image/Photo Based Profile Management 
  • Show/Hide Personal Information
  • Downloadable in DOC, PDF and RTF Formats so that these can be sent to the employers instantly.

    Using Online Services and Applications, a job aspirant can make his presence in the global job market. It is advisable to keep online profile updated with the new information so that it is indexed by major search engines. The indexing in search engines increases the probability of getting visible to the employers searching the candidates for various jobs.

GAURAV KUMAR is Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Applications, Chitkara University, Rajpura, Punjab, e-mail :,  Website :                                                                                                         

& ANU SUNEJA, is Lecturer, Computer Applications, Maharshi Markandeshwar University, Mullana, Haryana

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