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volume 16, 20-26 July 2019

Educational Avenues in IGNOU


Dr. Vikas Singhal & Dr. Ranjita Panda

The Indira Gandhi National Open University was established by an Act of Parliament in 1985 to achieve democratization of higher education by taking it to the doorsteps of the learners, providing access to high quality education to all those who seek it irrespective of age, region, religion and gender, offering need-based academic programmes by giving professional and vocational orientation to the courses, and promoting and developing distance education in India.

IGNOU has certain unique features such as national jurisdiction with international presence,  flexible admission rules,  individualized study: flexibility in terms of place, pace and duration of study,  use of latest information and communication technologies,  nationwide student support services network, cost-effective programmes, modular approach to programmes, resource- sharing, collaboration and networking with conventional universities, open universities and other institutions/ organizations, socially and academically relevant programmes based on students' need analysis, and convergence of open and conventional education systems.

IGNOU started offering academic programmes from 1987 with 4,528 students on its rolls. With 56 Regional Centres, 11 Recognized Regional Centres for Indian Army, Navy and Assam Rifles and around 3500 Learner Support Centres that add stability and diversity to it, the University brings forth a diversity of fruitful academic offerings for a cumulative strength of over 3 million learners. IGNOU offer an impressive array of programmes and courses spanning awareness and appreciation programmes to research degrees; informal to formal; vocational to professional; and hands-on, skill-based to knowledge-based programmes and courses. The University

admitted more than 11,47,056 lakh students in July 2018 and January 2019 admission cycles. (IGNOU 32nd Convocation Vice Chancellor's Report).

The learners belonging to reserved categories, viz. Scheduled Castes; and Scheduled Tribes get fee reimbursement facilities as per the rules of the University. Jail inmates are provided full fee exemption. Scholarship scheme of National Centre for Promotion of Employment of Disabled People (NCPEDP) for Post Graduate level programmes is applicable to the students of this University also. Such students are advised to apply to the

awarding authority directly. Inmates lodged in Prisons in the country are exempted from payment of programme fee, including registration fee. The under-trial/ short term prisoners are also eligible for the same benefit of FREESHIP as is extended to other prisoners with the condition that when they go out of jail, they will be treated as normal students and shall pay subsequent fees wherever applicable (examination fee, re-registration fee, pro-rata fee for readmission, registration fee for convocation etc.).

IGNOU has produced self-instructional learning materials of high quality in English and Hindi medium at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The University has a provision to provide soft copy of the self-learning material in place of printed material. A learner opting for the soft copy will be given a discount of 15% in the Programme Fee. The Option to this effect has to be indicated by the learners while filling in the Online Admission Form. Such learners will not be given printed self-learning material. The University is aware of its responsibility to play the role of a National Resource Centre for Education and Research. In fact, it has developed and offered the largest repository of online self-learning course materials through e-GyanKosh platform.

One of the most important aspect of studying with IGNOU is that the learner are facilitated for change of their regional centre/ study centre to any recognized IGNOU regional centre/ study centre free of cost, if they wish so or in case they get transferred to other place within India. They may also select any IGNOU Exam Centre in India for appearing in Term End Examinations.

IGNOU at present is offering a number of bachelor and master degree programme along with certificate, advanced certificate, diploma and advance diplomas. The complete list can be assessed by a learner in IGNOU common prospectus. In tune with the fundamental ideals of the University to reach the unreached and provide flexibility, innovation, inclusiveness, regular up-gradation of knowledge and quality assurance, IGNOU has introduced choice based credit system (CBCS) bachelor degree programmes from July 2019 session. These programmes are on offer only once in a year i.e., in July Session only.

Important Points to remember for IGNOU Admissions 2019

Students who are already enrolled in a programme of one year or longer duration may also simultaneously register themselves for any Certificate/ Diploma programme of Six months duration. However, if there is any clash of dates of counselling or examination schedule between the two programmes taken by the student, University will not be in a position to make adjustment. Simultaneously pursuing of two academic programmes at degree level, either from the same University, or one from the Open University (under ODL mode) and the other from Conventional University (regular or face-to- face mode) is not permitted, as of now.

Selection of Programme:

Learners are advised to download IGNOU Common Prospectus for July-2019 from ignou website www.ignou.ac.in. The various programme offered by IGNOU are enlisted in the prospectus along with general guidelines and programme specific details.

Selection of Study Centre:

Learners may choose any study centre from the available list of the study centre activated for that programme. The learners are required to attend their theory counseling sessions as well as practical sessions at their study centre allotted to them. They also have to submit their assignments at their centre.

Online Registration:

The Admission Forms can be submitted online (except for International Students) through Online Admission System at http://onlineadmission.ignou.ac.in. Currently, the facility is available for the programmes offered through Common Prospectus except merit-based and entrance test based programmes. The prospective learners are required to create their user ID and password for logging in the system and upload the required documents along with the submission of the Admission Form. There is no need to send the printed copy of the Admission Form to the Regional Centre.

Fee payment:

The programme fee can be paid online using payment Gateway through net banking, debit card and credit card. An amount of Rs.200/- is charged as registration fee along with the programme fee. Once the admission form is submitted online, the students can track the progress of their admission.

Documents-scruitinization and approval of admission:

Once the admission form is received by the centralized admission team, it is thoroughly scruitinized as per the programme eligibility criteria. In case of any discrepancy in the Admission Form, the prospective students are advised to remove the discrepancy within a stipulated time. Failing to do so will lead to rejection of admission form.

A message is sent on the mobile number and email ID registered with the System once admission is confirmed. After confirmation the learners may download their IGNOU Identity card online.

The last date for admission for IGNOU programmes except certificate programmes is 31st July 2019. For any query the learners may contact the nearest IGNOU Study centre, Regional Centre or Student Registration Division, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi. IGNOU Degrees/ Diplomas/ Certificates are recognized by all member universities of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and are at par with Degrees/Diplomas/ Certificates of all Indian Universities/Institutions, as per UGC Circular letter No. F.1-52/2000 (CPP-II) dated 5th May, 2004, AIU Circular No.EV/11(449/94/176915- 177115 dated January 14, 1994, AICTE Circular No. AICTE/ Academic/ MOU-DEC/ 2005 dated May 13, 2005 and UGC/DEB/2013 dated 14.10.2013.

(The authors are Assistant Regional Director and Regional Director respectively with IGNOU Regional Centre, Delhi-I)

E-mail: vsinghal@ignou.ac.in

Views expressed are personal.