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Excerpts from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's
'Mann ki Baat' on 30-7-2017

“My dear countrymen, the month of August is the month of Revolution. We have been hearing this as a natural fact right from our childhood and the reason is, the Non-Cooperation Movement was launched on the 1st of August 1920; the Quit India Movement, which is also known as 'Agast Kranti' began on the 9th of August 1942; and on 15th August 1947 India became independent. In a way, there are many events in the month of August that are closely associated with the history of our freedom movement. This year, we are going to observe the 75th Anniversary of the Quit India Movement. But very few people know the fact that the slogan, 'Quit India' was coined by Dr. Yusuf Meher Ali. Our young generation must know what had happened on the 9th of August 1942. From 1857 to 1942, the people of India, with their ardent desire for freedom, came together, fought together, and suffered hardships; these pages of history are an inspiration to us for building a glorious India. The heroes of our freedom struggle with their single-minded devotion did a 'Tapasya', endured hardships, made great sacrifices and even laid down their lives; what greater inspiration could there be! The 'Quit India Movement' was an important milestone in the Indian Freedom Movement. It was this movement that had made the entire nation determined to attain freedom from the British Rule. This was the time when the people of India, in every part of the country - be it a village or city, the educated or illiterate, the rich or poor, everyone came together shoulder to shoulder and became a part of the 'Quit India Movement.' People's anger was at its peak. Millions of Indians responded to Mahatma Gandhi's clarion call and the mantra of 'Do or Die'; they flung themselves into the struggle. Millions of the youth of the country renounced their studies, gave up their books. They set out on the march to the sound of the bugle for freedom. Mahatma Gandhi gave a call for the 'Quit India Movement' on 9th August, but each and every prominent leader had been imprisoned by the British Government, and it was during this time that the second generation of leadership comprising great men like Dr. Lohia, Jaiprakash Narain played a leading and pivotal role.”
“In the 'Non-Cooperation Movement' of 1920 and the 'Quit India Movement' of 1942, two different personas of Mahatma Gandhi can be seen. The whole scenario of the 'Quit India Movement' was different and in 1942 things rose to such a point, there was such a heightened sense of intensity, that a Mahapurush like Mahatma Gandhi gave the mantra of "Do or Die." The reason for this entire success was the people's support, people's resolve, and people's struggle. The entire country had come together as one to fight for the cause. And I sometimes think that if we link the pages of history, it is seen that the First War of Independence took place in 1857. The freedom struggle which began in 1857, continued to be manifested in one or the other corner of the country till 1942. This long time period ignited the intense longing for freedom in the hearts of the people. Each one became committed to do something. The determination did not diminish with each passing generation. New people kept coming forward each time in place of those who departed and the country kept on every moment endeavouring tirelessly to uproot the British Rule. This perseverance, this struggle from 1857 to 1942 created a situation which reached its climax in 1942; the clarion call of 'Quit India' was such that within five years, in 1947 the British were compelled to leave India. 1857 to 1942 - the yearning for freedom had reached the grassroots, had reached everybody. And 1942 to 1947 - these decisive five years became integral for the masses to successfully attain through resolve, freedom for the country. These five years were indeed decisive.”
“I would now like to connect you with its mathematical manifestation. We became free in 1947. This is 2017. It has been almost 70 years. Governments have come and gone. Systems have been made, changed, nurtured, and expanded. Everyone has tried to rid the country of its problems in one's own way. There have been efforts towards increasing employment, poverty alleviation, and development. These efforts were also driven with hard work in their different ways. There have been successes. Expectations have also risen. The way, the years from 1942 to 1947 were the decisive years for attainment through resolve. I can see that 2017 to 2022 presents itself as a new time segment of five years for attainment through resolve. We should celebrate 15th August 2017 as the Sankalp Parva or the Day of Resolve, and in 2022 marking 75 years of Freedom, we will certainly transform that resolve into 'Siddhi' or attainment. “
“If 1.25 billion Indians, commemorate Agast Kranti Day of 9th August, and each person resolves on 15th August, that he or she will do for the country, this much as an individual, as a citizen, this much as a family, this much as a society, this much as a village, this much as a city, this much as a government department, and this much as the government; let there be millions and millions of resolves; let there be strivings for the realisation of these millions and millions of resolves. Just as the five years from 1942 to 1947 were decisive for the country's Independence, these five years from 2017 to 2022 can and must play a decisive role for the future of India. Five years from now, we will celebrate 75 years of India's Independence. Therefore, we must take a firm resolve today. We must make 2017 our Year of Resolve. In this month of August, we have to come together and resolve: Filth - Quit India; Poverty - Quit India; Corruption - Quit India; Terrorism - Quit India; Casteism - Quit India; Communalism - Quit India! The need for today is not 'Do or Die', instead it is to resolve, to come together, persevere, and work relentlessly with our utmost strength towards the making of a new India. Let us live by and strive for this resolve. Come let's launch a mega campaign Sankalp se Siddhi - Attainment through Resolve, from the 9th of this August. Every Indian, social organisations, Local Self-Government Institutions, schools, colleges, various organizations - all should take one resolve or the other for a New India. A resolve that we will positively fulfil in the next five years. Youth organisations, student organisations, NGOs, etc. can organise group discussions, to bring forth new ideas. Where do we want to reach as a nation? What can be my contribution for this as an individual? Let us come together and make this a Festival of Resolve.”
“I would particularly like to call upon the online world, since wherever we may be, we are almost always online; so I would like to invite the online community and specially my young friends to come forward and contribute innovatively for building of the New India. They can use technology - videos, posts, blogs, scripts, novel ideas - to put forward all these. Transform this campaign into a peoples' movement. A Quit India Quiz is also being launched for my young friends on NarendraModiApp. This quiz is an attempt to familiarise the youth with India's glorious history and the heroes of the freedom movement. It is my belief that you will surely publicise and spread awareness about this quiz.
My dear countrymen, on August 15, as the nation's 'Pradhan Sewak', I get an opportunity to communicate with the country from the ramparts of the Red Fort. I am merely an instrument. It is not one single person who makes that address, but it is the collective voice of 1.25 billion of my countrymen that resounds from the Red Fort. I try to give words to their dreams, and I am glad that for the past 3 years, I get suggestions from every corner of the country for August 15, as to what I should speak on the 15th August and which issues should I include in my address on the occasion. This time too, I invite you to share your thoughts either on MyGov or on NarendraModiApp. I read these myself and shall try to express them in whatever time I have with me on 15th August. For the previous three 15th August speeches, one consistent complaint has been that my speeches tend to be a little lengthy. I have planned to keep my speech short this time - not more than 40-45-50 minutes. I have tried to draw these rules for myself, but I don't know whether I'll be able to stick to them. But I do intend to try this time to shorten my speech. Let's see whether I succeed or not.”
“I have observed and sometimes think that the citizens of our country are more aware and active than me. For the last one month, environmentally conscious citizens have constantly written letters to me. And they have requested that I talk about eco-friendly Ganesha idols, well in time for people to plan for clay Ganesha idols during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. Firstly, I am most grateful to such conscientious citizens. They have urged me to speak on this subject well before the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. This time around, there is a special significance to the observance of community Ganesh festival as a public celebration. Lokmanya Tilak ji started this great tradition, and this year marks the 125th anniversary of community Ganesh festival. 125 years and 1.25 billion countrymen! Lokmanya Tilak ji started the Sarvjanik Ganeshotsav with the basic aim to inculcate the spirit of unity, enhance awareness in society, and promote the culture of togetherness. So this year we should again, during the Ganesh festival, organise essay competitions, have open discussions and remember the contributions of Lokmanya Tilak. And we must think anew ways to steer Community Ganesh Festivals in consonance with the sentiments of Tilak ji. How we must lend strength to that spirit and at the same time resolve to use eco-friendly clay Ganesha idols, to protect the environment. And this time I have spoken about it well in time. I am sure that all of you will join me. This will surely benefit our poor artisans, and artists, and provide employment to those who make idols. The poor will be able to earn a living and feed themselves. Come, let us link our festivities with the economic welfare of the poor, let the joys of our festivals connect with the households of the underprivileged, bringing monetary happiness to the have-nots. This should be the endeavor of all of us. I extend my best wishes to all my countrymen for the various upcoming festivals and celebrations.”
“My dear countrymen, I remind you once again of 'Agast Kranti', of 9th August, I remind you once again of 15th August. And I am reminding you once again of 2022, 75 years of India's Independence. Every countryman should make a resolve, every countryman should prepare a 5-year roadmap to realise that resolve. All of us have to take our nation to newer heights. We must strive tirelessly to do so. Come, let's march together as we do our bit. The destiny, the future of the country shall be brighter, let us move ahead with this belief. Lots and lots of good wishes to you all. Thank you! “