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Special Content

Issue no 33, 11-17 November 2023

PM Shri Narendra Modi's Mann Ki Baat Highlights Garnering Support for 'Vocal for Local' Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, in his Mann Ki Baat broadcast on October 29, 2023, highlighted the success of Khadi sales, particularly on Gandhi Jayanti, emphasising that this surge in sales not only benefitted the Khadi industry but also the weavers, handicraft artisans, farmers, and cottage industries, demonstrating the tangible benefits of promoting locally-made products. This, he suggested, was a testament to the increasing support of the people towards the 'Vocal for Local' initiative. He went on to urge the citizens to purchase products made by local artisans when they traveled for tourism or went on pilgrimages. The Prime Minister underscored the significance of prioritising 'Vocal for Local' during festivals. He pointed out that India was becoming a global manu-facturing hub, and choosing products made in India not only supported local artisans but also boosted the 'Make in India' initiative. The PM also encouraged the use of the UPI digital payment system while making purchases. Remembering Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Former PM Smt. Indira Gandhi Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi acknowledged that October 31st holds a special place in the hearts of all Indians as it marks the birth anniversary of the Iron Man, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. He reminded the audience of Sardar Patel's remarkable role in integrating more than 580 princely states into the newly independent India. He spoke about the special campaign Amrit Kalash Yatra wherein soil collected from various regions were to reach Delhi on October 31, 2023 to be placed in a Bharat Kalash, which will be the foundation for the 'Amrit Vatika' in the national capital. He also revealed that on October 31st, the foundation of a nationwide organisation named "Mera Yuva Bharat" would be laid, coinciding with Sardar Patel's birth anniversary. This organisation is designed to empower the youth to actively participate in nation-building events, and the Prime Minister encouraged young Indians to register on MyBharat.gov.in and participate in various progra-mmes. The Prime Minister paid heart felt tribute of former Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi on her death anniversary on October 31. Literary Initiatives Fostering Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi highlighted the significance of literature in promoting the spirit of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat He mentioned two inspiring initiatives from Tamil Nadu. The first being Sister Shiva Shankari Ji's project, "Knit India," which aims to connect the country through literature by translating works written in 18 Indian languages. The project involved extensive travel and interviews with writers and poets across India and resulted in four volumes dedicated to different parts of the country. The second inspiring figure the PM spoke about was Thiru A. K. Perumal, who dedicated 40 years to preserving the storytelling tradition of Tamil Nadu. Shri Perumal has traveled extensively, documenting folk art forms, and has authored nearly a hundred books on the subject. His research extends to the temple culture of Tamil Nadu and the conservation of traditional leather puppetry. The Prime Minister commended the works of Shiva Shankari Ji and Perumal Ji, emphasising that these endeavors not only preserve cultural heritage but also strengthen national unity and enhance the country's honour and prestige. Invoking Tribal Pride The Prime Minister noted that the entire country would celebrate 'Janjaatiya Gaurav Diwas' on November 15th, associated with the birth anniversary of Bhagwan Birsa Munda, a significant figure in India's history who stood against foreign rule and advocated for justice, dignity, and equality for all. He highlighted the inspirational efforts of India's tribal communities in conserving nature and emphasised their contributions to national unity and glory. The PM emphasised that Bhagwan Birsa Munda's life is a lesson in true courage and unwavering determination as he never accepted foreign rule and was a strong advocate for living in harmony with nature, and even today, India's tribal brothers and sisters are dedicated to caring for and conserving the environment. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi also paid tribute to Govind Guru Ji on the occasion of his death anniversary on 30th October and mentioned the solemn observation of the Mangarh massacre in Novem-ber, honouring the children who sacrificed their lives for the nation. The PM noted that Govind Guru Ji has had a very special significance in the lives of the tribal and deprived communities of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The PM paid homage to many other tribal warriors such as Tilka Manjhi, Sidhho-Kanhu, Tantiya Bheel, Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh, Veer RamJi Gond, Veer Gundadhur, Bheema Nayak, Alluri Sitaram Raju, Kiang Nobang, Rani Gaidinliu, RajMohini Devi, Rani Kamlapati, and Rani Durgavati. He expressed hope that the youth of India will learn about tribal personalities from their respective regions and be inspired by their stories. Felicitating Para Athletes Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi expressed his thoughts on sports and the remarkable achievements of Indian athletes in recent competitions. He began by acknowledging the out-standing performances of Indian athletes in various sporting events, appreciating their hard work, dedication, and ex-ceptional accomplishments. He lauded the country's para-athletes for their record-breaking haul of 111 medals in the Para Asian Games and the remark-able 200 medals, including 75 Gold Medals, in the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Berlin. The Prime Minister also shared inspiring stories of determination, resilience, and passion of athletes, such as Ranveer Saini, T-Vishal, Siya Sarode, Anurag Prasad, and Indu Prakash. He encouraged the audience to connect with and visit these athletes in their villages and neighbourhoods. Encouraging 'Waste to Wealth' for Sustainability The Prime Minister highlighted the significance of the Amba Ji Mandir pilgrimage site in Gujarat, known for its cultural and spiritual importance. He introduced a fascinating aspect of the temple- sculptures depicting various Yoga postures and asanas crafted from discar-ded materials and scrap. He noted that despite their unconventional origin, these sculptures have become an attraction for the temple's visitors. The Prime Minister appreciated the success of this innovative initiative and proposed a suggestion, calling upon the Gujarat government to organise a competition and invite individuals who possess the skill to create such artifacts from waste materials. He believed that this endeavour could not only enhance the appeal of Gabbar Parvat but also serve as an inspiration for the broader "Waste to Wealth" campaign throughout the country. Furthermore, the Prime Minister shared the example of Akshar Forum, a school in the Kamrup Metropolitan District of Assam, which has been actively instilling values of sustainability and culture in children. The students at this school are actively involved in collecting plastic waste on a weekly basis, which is then utilised to create eco-friendly bricks and keychains. PM Modi pointed out that instilling this environmental awareness at an early age contributes to the development of responsible citizens dedicated to the betterment of the nation. Remembering Mirabai Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi spoke about the celebration of the 525th birth anniversary of the revered saint Mirabai on October 28th, emphasising her significant role and impact on Indian culture and spirituality. He said Mirabai was a source of inspiration for people - for those interested in music, Mirabai served as a symbol of unwavering dedication to the art. Her bhajans, immersed in devotion, provided a distinct sense of joy for poetry lovers. Mirabai's deep absorption in Shri Krishna's divine love served as inspiration for those who believed in the power of spirituality and devotion. The Prime Minister went on to portray Mirabai as an enduring source of inspiration for the mothers, sisters, and daughters of the country, lauding her for standing against conservative norms even during her time and for her contributions to Indian society and culture during a period when the nation faced various challenges, including invasions. (Source: pmindia.gov.in)