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Start Up To Provide Premium Mobile Solutions

Neha Dwivedi

Karmatics Private Limited is a product based IT start-up located in Noida. However, its team is based on requirement. Karmatics aims at providing premium mobile solutions for better user engagement via advanced analytics and user profiling.
Their first product is ShipitMobi: a complete CRM(Customer Retention and Management) Platform using Android, IOS & Web based notification channel to facilitate the Business-to-End User Communication on a mass scale effectively. It is a powerful gearbox with all the essential features such as multi-lingual support, geo-location, user segmentation and categorization, preset messages, rich notifications, action based notifications etc. that assist in adding a “WOW” to all your Push Messaging. Moreover, unique features like targeted campaigns and meticulous and customizable analytics provides tangible insights into user’s behavior.
They have a team of In-House Analytics Engine which ensures fully customizable and ever evolving metrics based on clients needs. Also they provide highly efficient and round the clock support to our clients for all CRM consultation and integration.
The co founders of the start up Gourav Data, Gaurav Dwivedi and Neha Dwivedi spoke to ‘Employment News’ Anand Saurabh.
Q) How did you get the idea for the business?
We are a team of engineers from IITs and IIIT Hyderabad. Most of us were previously involved with Big Data Analysis and Android Development in our previous Jobs/Projects. All of us had witnessed the rise of Android Wave in South Asian Market First Hand. Two years ago when we conceptualized this idea, the App Analytics and Big Data market in India was pretty nascent. We decided to combine our work interests and passion with a seemingly upcoming market opportunity. And I must say, the kind of response we get from the people wherever we go and showcase our product is overwhelming.
Q) What was your mission at the outset ?
In terms of IT Service sector we are already a leading country. Since the inception our goal has primarily been to make products that put Indian IT in top echelons of product development companies of the world.
Q) How many employee work in your enterprise?
As of now, there are three co-founders, four developers and three members in the marketing team.
Q) What services do you provide?
As mentioned above, We are a product based IT company. As of now we have only one product in the market, ShipitMobi. We offer both Pay-As-You-Go as well as Licensed Version of the Product hence catering various kinds of Industry Needs accordingly.
Q) How do you advertise your business?
We have been using both online marketing through social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook , Google as well as offline marketing. Additionally, our friends/colleagues have also been helpful in spreading the word.
Q) To what factors do you attribute your success?
We can attribute our success to the diverse experience of the team, the willingness to learn, re-invent and deliver the best solution possibles, the perseverance and patience throughout and highly efficient team work.
Q) What is your USP?
Our USP is our Advanced Customized Analytics and complete Data privacy. We are unique company to provide license based CRM platform with full customization as required.
Q) What are your responsibilities as the head of firm?
I am primarily involved with defining setting the pace for its current operations and future development.
Being a part of startup has put me in a very unique capacity to define my own work profile and Don various caps at various stages of growth as per requirement, inclusive of coding, sales, hiring and everything else.
Q) What are the challenges you face in your business?
The main challenges have been to keep up with the global competition and create a global standing.
Q) What is your message to those who are planning for start-ups?
There is no formula and no set route to success. However success is not possible without perseverance and innovation. You have to keep on trying and somewhere on the learning curve you will be able to find your own route to success.
Q) What do you feel about the sustainability of start ups in India?
Sustainability for start ups is only possible by reinventing themselves constantly in order to confront a dynamic market. Also it is essential to choose a business model that adapts best to the environment and at the same time, continues to grow and increase the customer base in the most effective way possible.