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Special Content

volume-38,22-28 December 2018




The Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu has said that the President, Shri Ram Nath Kovind ji's range and depth of ideas is immense and as Head of the State, the First Citizen of our robust Republic, he represents the essence of the Nation - its vision, aspirations, expectations - and above all, essentially its ethos. He was addressing the gathering after releasing two Volumes - 'The Republican Ethic' & 'Loktantra Ke Swar', in New Delhi on December 8, 2018 with Selected Speeches of Hon'ble President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind ji. The books have been published by Publications Division.

The Vice President said that the cornerstone of Indian ethos may be summed up in these wise words - Ekam Sat Vipra: Bahudha Vadanti (एकम् सद् विप्रा: बहुधा वदंति   ) - Truth is one, wise men express it in many ways and this inclusiveness is the essence of India. Since the last fifteen months that Shri Kovind has been the President of India, he said he has been following his erudite addresses in which found an earnest call for inclusiveness.

The Vice President said that the building blocks of the Republican Ethic are equality, egalitarianism and education - themes dear to the President. These are the principles that motivated his unique journey from the mud house of a small village to Rashtrapati Bhawan, he added.

The Vice President said that the President's vision and thoughts have covered a wide range of issues of national and international importance with a special focus on the challenges which India faces in the contemporary world. But, most importantly he speaks the heart of a common man, he added.

Shri Naidu congratulated the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and the Publications Division, for bringing out these titles with a beautiful layout and design, that speaks to the young and old alike.

Saying 'The Republican Ethic' is an invaluable collection of the President's reflections on a host of contemporary challenges and issues confronting India and the world, the Vice President said that we have to realize the strength within each one of us and get our act together. We must usher in a new era of social, economic and cultural transformation where we move away from 'dreary desert sands of dead habit' as Gurudev Rabindranath had put it, he added.

The Vice President said that political parties must evolve a consensus on the Code of Conduct for their Members both inside the Legislature and out of it. Otherwise people might soon lose faith in our political processes and institutions, he said. We need to have more persons in leadership positions who are mindful of not only of "Constitutional morality" but also of "Institutional dignity" and "Individual integrity", he added.

In her speech, External Affairs Minister Mrs. Sushma Swaraj said President Kovind's knowledge and command over diverse topics shine through his speeches. She said President Kovind is able to infuse the depth of knowledge inherited from country's ancient past in his speeches.

Mrs. Swaraj pointed out that Indian democracy has been built on the basis of values of equality and brotherhood. She added that these values have continued to inspire the life and work of the President.

In his speech, Minister of Information and Broad-casting Col Rajyavardhan Rathore expressed pride that India's leadership comes from the grassroot levels. He said it is one of the proudest moments for Publications Division to be able to publish President Ram Nath Kovind's speeches and preserve them.

In his welcome address, Secretary, Information and Broadcasting, Shri Amit Khare said the two volumes of the selected speeches of President Kovind reflect his wisdom, erudition and firm commitment to the well-being of the teeming millions of India.

In his address Prasar Bharti Chairman Dr A Surya Prakash said, President's speeches reflect his simplicity, concern for fellow citizens, commitment to Constitution's core values and the democratic way of life.

He said, D for Decency must be added to 3 Ds of Legislature - Debate, Dissent and Decide. He said, when the 4 Ds become operative, 5th D for Democracy becomes a reality.

Later, Information and Broadcasting Minister Col Rathore called on President Kovind at Rashtrapati Bhavan and presented first copies of the released books.

'The Republican Ethic' has a collection of 95 select speeches in English out of the total 243 speeches made by the President of India in the first year in the Office. The speeches are categorized into eight subgroups - Addressing the Nation, diversity of India, window to the world, educating India, equipping India, dharma of public service, honoring our sentinels, spirit of the Law & acknowledging excellence.

The second book 'Loktantra Ke Swar' - is a collection of 109 speeches in Hindi which talks about different layers and levels of multifaceted largest democracy in the world - India.

The Vice President said that Hindi was President's mother tongue, and it was but natural that his fluent expressions flourished elucidating serious national and constitutional subjects.

The Publications Division,  Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has published both the Volumes.