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Special Content

volume-40, 5 - 11 January 2019




Nidhi Prasad

Around The Time Of March Every Year When Delhi Gets Soaked In Colors With Flowers Blooming All Around, Each Roundabout Of Delhi Presents A Pleasing Sight So Comforting To The Eye, In This Pleasing Back Drop Coincidentally This Is Also A Time For Lot Of Gloom And Stress For Parents Of Delhi, After All Its Exam Time Too. The "Monster" Of Exams Is Made To Look Larger-Than-Life Each Passing Day. 

Why We Have Made To Look Examination As A Monster?

An Examination (Exam) Is A Test. It Is A Set Of Question That Finds Out Student's Knowledge On Various Topics Or Field. And That's All An Exam Really Is. A Test To Understand How Much A Child Has Learnt So Far In Each Subject. How Well She/He Does In Exams, Does Not Define Him.

Today When A Child Grows Up, The First Term That She/He Faces Is The Word "Exam Stress" The Pressure Is So Much That When It Gets Converted Into "Depression" Nobody Knows, And This Depression Leads To Nervousness Which Is The Main Cause Behind Poor Performance In Exams, Hence It Is Most Important For Parents To Be Aware Of These Signs Of Nervousness, It Is Very Important For Parents To Keep The Children Relaxed, Particularly During Exam Times. It Is Never A Good Idea To Compare Two Children With Each Other As Each Child Is Unique With Different Strengths. Children Are Like Flowers, Of The Family, When We Plant Flowers, Put Seeds Give Them Proper Nourishment, Care, Water Every Day It Blossoms Into Beautiful Flowers. Similarly, We As Good Parents Need To Give Our Children Strong Roots, Water Them With Love, Nourish Them With Praise And Give Them Compliment Each And Every Day And To Give Them An Opportunity To Blossom To Their Fullest And For This, Children's Need To Start Preparing For The Exam From The Very Beginning, So As When Exam Times Comes, These Children Will Be Blooming Like Flowers And Would Not Face Any Anxiety, Worries That Means The Atmosphere Will Be Stress-Free.

Globally, Stress And Depression Are The Top Causes Of Illness Among The Youth. India Has The Highest Rate Of Suicides In The World Among Students -- Simply Due To The Unbearable Pressure Of Exams. Between 2010 And 2015, A Large Number Of Students Committed Suicide. Even When The Stress Of Exams Doesn't Lead To Suicidal Attempts, It Doesn't Mean That All Is Well. The Problem Starts With The Parents, Who Become So Insecure About The Future Of Their Children In This Dog-Eats-Dog World That The Children Are Conditioned Into Believing That If They Don't Achieve Those Lofty Targets, They Will Not Get Into A College Of Repute, And Eventually, Miss Out On A Good Job.

Sadly, Parents Do Not Put Much Importance On The Mental Health Of Their Child When It Comes To Exams. As We Look Around In The Families, Where Children Are

Appearing For A Board Exam And As The Exam Approaches, The Environment At Home In Most Of The Houses Changes. Curfews Are Set, Cables Connection Are Removed, New Set Of Rules For Children At Home About How Much Time They Would Spend Socializing, Eating Etc. Are Set. Even The Guests Are Welcome Gingerly.

As Parents Is It Not Our Duty To Provide Conducive Atmosphere At Home? So That They Attempt To Do Much Better Than They Are Capable Of. It Should Be Inculcated In Their Minds "No One Is Perfect In This World And So Are You" Having A Positive Mental Attitude Means How Something Can Be Done Rather Than Saying It Cannot Be Done As Parents You Must Always Stay Optimistic Even If Situation At Times Does Not Seem To Be Bright In Favor Of You.

A Word About Good Parenting

Parenting Is The Most Difficult Tasks In The World. Parents Play A Very Important Role During This Time. The Parents' Role Can Act As A Catalyst For Increasing The Performance Of Their Child. Here Are Few Things Which Parents Of A Child Should Do During Examination Time. Exam Time Is The Most Stressful Time In A Student's Life Especially For Those Who Are Appearing For The First Time In Board Exams. But This Time Period Can Be Most Enjoyable And Memorable Time If A Child Gets 360-Degree Support From Her Or His Parents.

Watch For Signs Of Nervousness. Children Who Experience Nervousness Betray Signs Of Worry, Feel Tense, Get Lots Of Headaches And Stomach Pains, Be Irritable, Lose Interest In Food Or Eat More Than Normal, Do Not Enjoy Activities They Previously Enjoyed, Seem Negative And Low In Their Mood, Seem Hopeless About The Future. If The Pressure Of Exams Is Getting To A Child, Parents Must Not Hesitate To Seek Help From A Psychologist Or A Counselor. Having Someone To Talk To The Children About Their Work Can Help. Support From A Parent, Tutor Can Help Children Share Their Worries And Keep Things In Perspective.

Talk About Exam Nerves.

Remind Your Child That Feeling Anxious Is Normal. Nervousness Is A Natural Reaction To Exams. The Key Is To Put These Nerves To Positive Use. If Anxiety Seems To Be Getting In The Way Rather Than Helping, Encourage Your Child To Practice The Sort Of Activities They Will Be Doing On The Day Of The Exam. This Will Help Her Feel Less Scary On The Day.

Have Realistic Expect Ation From Your Child As Per His Interest And Capabilities. Highlight Your Child Strengths.

Encourage Eating Healthy Food And Some Form Of Regular Exercise. - Following A Healthy Lifestyle Is The Best Way To Prevent Examination Stress. There Is A Strong Relationship Between Food Intake And Mental Makeup Of A Person. There Is A Famous Saying That Goes: "Jaisa Aahaar - Vaise Vichaar", Or"Jaisa Ann Waisa Mann" Commonly Translated As "What You Eat, Makes Up Your Thoughts", Proper Nutrition And Exercise Helps In Managing Exam Stress.

Stop Comparing Your Children With Siblings Or Others. Don't Harp On Previous Results

Provide Healthy, Positive Environment At Home. Don't Add To The Pressure. Try To Listen To Your Child, Give Support And Avoid Criticism. Before They Go In For A Test Or Exam, Be Reassuring And Positive. Let Them Know That Failing Isn't The End Of The World. If Things Don't Go Well They May Be Able To Take The Exam Again. Use Magic Words Like: "Don't Worry It's Just Another Exam" "Don't Worry About Results, Just Do Your Best", These Phrases Reduce Mental Pressure Of Exams On Students, Such Phrases Also Give Emotional Support To Students. They Feel More Confident And Focus More On Exam Preparation Rather Thinking About The Result.

Avoid Nagging. Be A Good Listener, Don't Mix Academic Issues With Family Conflicts

Students Should Introduce SMALL MODIFICATION IN THEIR LIFESTYLE, e.g. Introduce Meditation, Go To Sleep On Time, Have Nutritional Diet,and Exercise Moderately And Regulate Their Study Hours.



While Reading A Lesson, A Student's Mind Tends To Wander A Lot. Students Study For Hours Without Actually Grasping Anything.

  • Gather All Of Your Studying Materials. Your Studying Materials Include Things Like Notes, Textbooks, Study Guides, Papers, Highlighters, Or Anything Else You Might Need To Concentrate And Be Productive While Studying; This Includes A Snack Like A Granola Bar Or Nuts, And A Bottle Of Water. All Your Materials Should Be Within Arm's Reach So You Don't Disrupt Yourself By Going To Retrieve Your Things When You're In The Zone, Studying.
  • Writing Practice Is A Must. Write Answers In Points. Find An Effective Study Method. Finding An Effective Study Method That Suits You Can Help You Stay Concentrated While Studying. Again, Every Person Studies Differently, So You Will Have To Experiment And Find A Method That Works Best For You To Maintain Focus. Try To Understand And Identify Your Learning Style. Essentially, The More Ways You Can Experience And Interact With What You're Learning, The Better Your Chances Will Be Of Staying On Task And Absorbing What You're Reviewing. Some-Times, Simply Reviewing Readings, Notes, Or Quizzes Can Serve As An Effective Way To Study, But Some Other Study Methods Include:

1.Making Notecards. For Vocabulary Or Academic Terms, Making Notecards And Flashcards And Repeatedly Reviewing Them Can Help With Memorizing Words, Terms, And Concepts.

2.Drawing. Some Studying Requires Reviewing Structures And Diagrams. Copying Those Diagrams And Structures, And Drawing Them Yourself Allows You To Create And Visualize What It Is You're Trying To Study, Therefore Making It More Memorable.

3.Creating an Outline. Creating An Outline May Help With Mapping Out Bigger Concepts Include The Smaller Details. It Can Also Help Create Visual Sections And Groupings Of Information That May Help Recalling Details When Exam Time Approaches.

4.Think Of An Incentive. Before You Start Studying, Think Of Something That Can Serve As A Reward For You Successfully Studying. For Example, After Reviewing Your History Notes For 1 Hour, Talk To Your Roommate About Your Day, Or Watch Your Favorite Upcoming Television Program. An Incentive Can Motivate You To Concentrate On Studying For A Specific Amount Of Time, And Then You Reward Yourself For Your Solid Block Of Time Concentrating On Your Work.

5.Set Realistic Study Goals. While The Subjects You Need To Study Might Not Be The Most Interesting Topics, You Can Shift Your Perspective While Studying To Make Concentrating Easier. By Setting Goals For Yourself, You Change Your Studying Experience From Having To "Get Through," The Subject, To Reaching Check Points And Continually Succeeding In Progressing With Your Study Session. For Example, Instead Of Having The Mentality Of, "I Have To Study All Of Chapter 4 Tonight" Set A Goal For Yourself With Something Like, "I Will Study Sections 1-3 By 4:30, And Then Take A Break." This Sectional Break Up Of Study Time Increasing Your Willingness To Concentrate And Reach Your Studying Goal.

6.Study With Short Breaks. Normally, Studying For About An Hour At A Time And Then Taking A 5-10-Minute Break Is The Most Effectual Study Schedule To Maintain Concentration On A Given Task. Taking A Short Break Gives Your Mind Time To Relax, So It Can Be Ready To Stay Productive And Absorb Information. Move Around. Get Up And Stretch After Sitting For About An Hour. These Short Breaks In Studying Will Make The Time You Spend Studying More Productive And Attentive.

7.NCERT Text Books Are Blue-Prints. Do Not Ignore Them. Study Them Thoroughly Attempt Questions Given At The End Thoroughly.

Always Remember Desire, Dedication, Concentration And The Will To Achieve And Win Will Make You A Champion. Wishing All Students Very Best In Their Preparation And Examination.

(The Author Is A Senior Counselling Psychologist.

E-Mail Id-  nidhiprasadcs@gmail.Com)