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Special Content

Issue no 6, 07-13 May 2022


PM Shri Narendra Modi's Mann Ki Baat

·On 14th April, the birth anniversary of Babasaheb Ambedkar, the Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya was dedicated to the nation. It has been opened for the citizens of the country. What can be a better time to remember the contribution of the Prime Ministers of the country than the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav? It is a matter of pride for the country that the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is taking the form of a mass movement. People's interest in history is increasing a lot and in such a situation the PM Museum is also becoming a centre of attraction for the youth, connecting them with the precious heritage of the country.

·When so much is being discussed with you about the museum, I felt that I should also ask you some questions. You can share the answers on NaMo App or social media with #MuseumQuiz… and do share. This will enhance interest in the museum among people all over the country. (i) Do you know in which city of the country there is a famous Rail Museum where people have been getting a chance to see the heritage of Indian Railways for the last 45 years? (ii) Do you know which museum is there in Mumbai, where we get to see the evolution of currency in a very interesting way? Here coins of the sixth century BC are present; on the other hand, e-Money is also present. (iii) 'Virasat-eKhalsa' is related to this museum. Do you know, in which city of Punjab is this museum located? (iv) Where is the country's one and only Kite Museum? (v) Do you know where the National Museum related to postage stamps is in India? (vi)Which museum is housed in a building named Gulshan Mahal? (vii) Do you know of any museum that celebrates India's textile heritage? 

·On 18th of May, International Museum Day is celebrated all over the world. In view of this, I have an idea for my young friends. Why not visit a local museum with your circle of friends during the upcoming holidays. Do share your experience with #Museum-Memories. By doing so you will also awaken curiosity about museums in the minds of others. 

·In the last few years, BHIM UPI has rapidly become a part of our economy and habits. Now, even in small towns and in most villages people are transacting through UPI. At present, transactions worth about 20 thousand crore rupees are taking place in our country every day. Apart from convenience, an atmosphere of honesty is also being created. Now many new start-ups related to Fintech are coming up in the country. I would like you to share any experiences related to the power of digital payments and start-up ecosystem. Your experiences can become an inspiration to many other countrymen.

·Technology has done another great job. It has served to highlight the extraordinary abilities of the Divyang friends. At the Tokyo Paralympics we have seen what our Divyang brothers and sisters can achieve. Just like in sports, in arts, academics and many other fields, Divyang friends are doing wonders, but when these friends get the power of technology, they achieve even greater heights. That is why, the country is constantly making efforts to make the resources and infrastructure accessible to the differentlyabled. There are also many start-ups and organizations in the country which are doing inspirational work in this direction. 

·There is one such organization - Voice of Specially Abled People, this organization is promoting new opportunities in the field of assistive technology. An innovative beginning has also been made to take the work of Divyang artists to the world. Voice of Specially Abled People has prepared a digital art gallery of paintings of these artists. How Divyang friends are rich in extraordinary talents and what extraordinary abilities they have - this art gallery is an example of that.

·As we celebrate 75 years of Independence with Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, water conservation is one of the resolves with which the country is moving forward. 75 Amrit Sarovars will be built in every district of the country. The day is not far when there will be 75 Amrit Sarovars in your own city. I would like all of you, and especially the youth, to know about this campaign and also bear responsibility for it.

·A few days ago, I held 'Pariksha Pe Charcha' with my young friends and students. During this discussion some students said that they are afraid of Mathematics. Friends, Mathematics is a subject on which Indians have researched and contributed the most. You must have heard a lot about the discovery of zero and its importance. Often you will also hear that if zero was not discovered, then perhaps we would not have been able to see so much scientific progress in the world. From Calculus to Computers - all these scientific inventions are based on Zero. Great Indian mathematicians and scholars have said, "ÿà Á∑§¥Áøà flSÃÈ Ãà ‚fl¥¸, ªÁáÊÃŸ Á’ŸÊ ŸÁ„!" - When translated to English, it means, "Whatever is there in this entire universe, everything is based on mathematics." Every principle of science is expressed through a mathematical formula, be it Newton's laws, Einstein's famous equation, all the science related to the universe. If we invented zero, we have also expressed infinity as well. 

·In the coming days, we will have the festival of Eid in the country. Akshaya Tritiya and the birth anniversary of Bhagwan Parashuram will also be celebrated on 3rd May. A few days later, the festival of Vaishakh Budh Purnima will also come. All these festivals are festivals of restraint, purity, charity and harmony. Advance greetings to all of you on the occasion of these festivals. Celebrate these festivals with great gaiety and harmony. In the midst of all this, you also have to be alert of Corona. Wearing a mask, washing hands at regular intervals, whatever are the necessary measures for prevention, keep following them.

(The highlights are an approximate translation of PM Shri Narendra Modi's Mann Ki Baat originally rendered in Hindi).

Source : pmindia.gov.in