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Special Content

volume-45,08-14 February 2020

Highlights of PM Narendra Modi’s Mann Ki Baat on 26 January 2020

“Friends, every day is a new day; weeks and months keep seeing change; years witness transformation, except for the enthusiasm and fervor of the people of India! And, of course, we are no less… we are certain to outdo ourselves. The spirit of 'can do' is emerging as a new resolve. The sentiment of contributing positively to the country and society is gaining strength, day by day.

  • "Somebody has succeeded in doing something - can we too achieve that! Can that particular venture be replicated to bring about a colossal transformation in the entire country? Can we establish that change into permanence, turning it into a simple, natural social habit? In a likewise quest to seek answers, the caravan of Mann Ki Baat progresses with a few appeals, some invocations and a lot of resolves to do something. For the past many years, we would have made varied resolves. Just as, 'No to single use plastic', buying Khadi or 'local', sanitation & cleanliness, respect & honour for the girl child, or emphasizing on the new aspect of 'less cash economy'! Many a resolve such as these came into being on account of our conversations & chats through Mann Ki Baat. And, you have been the ones who strengthened that."
  • Speaking on water conservation efforts, PM Modi praised the Jal Shakti Abhiyan and said: "Quite a few extensive and innovative efforts are underway, in every corner of the country, for the sake of conserving water. It gives me joy to let you know that the Jal Shakti campaign that commenced last monsoon is taking rapid, successful strides with the aid of public participation. The best part is that in this campaign, people from all strata of society contributed wholeheartedly. Take for instance Jalore district in Rajasthan." He cited examples from Uttarakhand and a village called Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh which has shown massive public participation in water conservation efforts.
  • The PM congratulated Khelo India winners. "Friends, on 22nd January, the third 'Khelo India Games' concluded in Guwahati. These games had around 6 thousand players from different states participating. You will be surprised to know that 80 records were broken during this grand sports festival. And I am proud that of these 80 records, 56 were broken by our daughters. I, along with all the winners, congratulate all the participants. I also thank all the people, coaches and technical officers associated with 'Khelo India Games' for organising them successfully"
  • "It is very pleasant for all of us to learn that the participation of athletes in 'Khelo India Games' is on the upsurge year after year. And this also tells you about the increasing inclination towards sports in our school children. Not only this, in just three years, through 'Khelo India Games', thirty-two hundred gifted children have emerged on the sporting horizon! Many of these children grew up amidst dearth and poverty. " the PM also cited examples of winners such who come from humble background such as the Mandal sibling trio-Malvika, Sujit and Pradeep of Guwahati who played football, kho-kho and hockey respectively and Purnashree Yoganathan from Tamil Nadu
  • After wishing luck students for upcoming exams, the PM urged them to ensure doing some exercise. "By the way, these days, I see that many events pertaining to 'Fit India' are being organised. On January 18, our young friends organized a Cyclothon throughout the country. Millions of countrymen participating in this Cyclothon spread the message of fitness. Efforts to ensure that our New India remains fit that are evident at every level fills us with fervour & enthusiasm. The 'Fit India School' campaign, which started in November last year, is also bringing results. I have been told that till date, more than 65,000 schools have obtained the 'Fit India School' certificates through online registration."
  • On the Bru-refugee agreement which was signed recently, the Prime Minister said, "A significant agreement was signed in Delhi. With it, the close-to-25-year-old Bru-Reang refugee crisis, a painful chapter, was put to an end forever and ever"
  • PM Modi asserted that insurgency in North East has considerably reduced and the main reason behind the phenomenon was dialogue. "Countrymen will be thrilled to know that insurgency in the North-East has considerably reduced. And the biggest reason for that is that every issue of this region is being honestly and peacefully solved through dialogue. We live in the 21st century that is the era of knowledge, science and democracy. Have you ever heard of a place where life has turned better due to violence? Have you ever heard of a place where peace and goodwill have been impediments in the quest of a good life?"
  • On ISRO's upcoming lunar project, PM Modi said, "My dear countrymen, on the solemn occasion of Republic Day, it gives me great joy to tell you about 'Gaganyaan'. The country has taken another step towards this goal. Friends, you would be aware that four candidates have been already selected as astronauts for this mission. All of them are pilots of the Indian Air Force. These promising youngsters symbolise India's skill, talent, ability, courage and dreams. On the auspicious occasion of Republic Day, I congratulate these four youngsters and the Indian and Russian scientists and engineers associated with this mission."