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Hard Work, Patience, Focus
Mantra of success IAS Topper

Amit Tyagi

Delhi girl Tina Dabi, who topped the 2015 Civil Services Examination, says she wanted to be an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer as it is very challenging coupled with oppurtunity to serve the people. Expressing happiness over her success, the 22-year-old says she wanted to be a role model for girls aspiring to clear UPSC in first attempt. She emphasizes that there is no shortcut to crack UPSC and only hard work in the right direction leads to success.  Talking to Employment News, Dabi says “ I am very happy and feel very ecstatic, can't express in words.” Dabi adds that, the secret mantra of her success was hard work, patience, focus, discipline and family support. She says, "I am surprised but at the same time, happy and very ecstatic. I did believe that I would make it to the list but being number one was something like a dream coming true. The secret formula to my success is  lot of hard work, patience and being blessed with a very hardworking mother,". Dabi advises UPSC aspirants to keep calm, composed and maintain patience and keep on trying till they succeed. She says, “Success is the fruit of a tree, you are planting, serving and watering for years. You can’t expect fruits from a tree immediately after planting it”. She says, “I love studying. I used to study 10 to 14 hours a day. And I guess that, it worked in my favour. I never lost patience and always used to believe in my abilities. I never thought that Civil Service Examination is very tough and time consuming. Patience, focus, discipline and family support, I suppose worked in my favour." Tina stresses on taking breaks between studies as it refreshes mind. She says that she used to take small breaks of  10-15 minute in between. Every time when a student feels bored or feels that his or her concentration is faultering, he or she should go for a break. Tina Dabi has opted for Haryana Cadre which she says is very challenging as she needs to deal with issues like women empowerment and other rampant social problems in the state.