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Improve Your Voice Personality

Suresh Verma

Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.

                -MAYA ANGELOU

Have you wondered what impression you make when you speak and what value your voice has? Have you ever noticed how people respond to your voice? Does it makes positive or negative impression on others? Only a few people notice that voice can make people like or dislike you or it can get you hired or fired. You may not be aware of this fact that your voice is most significant part of your identity like your signature, fingerprint and DNA. Your voice also carries emotional content of your message in a subtle way. Even your simple ‘Good Morning’ reflects your authority, confidence, friendliness, impatience, anger, annoyance, enthusiasm, depression, sadness, joy and cheerfulness.

In 21st century we are living in an age of Information, Communication and Entertainment (ICE) where no other means of communication surpass human voice. Most of us use our voice which is either low or high, thin or nasal. Though all of us have potential to improve our voice, but we never consider it due to ignorance. If you develop a rich and adorable voice, it can turns frowns into smile, opens closed door for your success, make more friends and influence your seniors. If your voice will be heard, listened and liked by everyone, it can work miracles with the enhancement of quality of life.

You will be surprised to know that your voice tells a lot about you. Our voice can transmit various subtle signals about our gender, age, body stamina and personality traits.  Voices are subliminal indicators. All of us react at subconscious level. If you have a breathy tone and deep voice, it implies youthfulness and health whereas a creaky voice reflects a person has a cold which is seen as unattractive. In one of the study led by Phil McAleer at the University of Glasgow found that personality judgements are made in a fraction of second by the listener, but it’s not clear yet just how accurate those snap judgement can be. Like the eye, beauty is in the ear of the beholder. Vocal coach Sally Hague says, “You can tell a lot about how someone is feeling by listening to his voice: whether they are relaxed and happy or feeling upset and tense. Often we don’t think about what we are hearing on a conscious level, but we interpret far more from the way people speak than from the actual words they say.” If you have seen a recording studio, I am sure you observed that our voice is seen more like waves. This visibility of sound is for all- broadcasters, doctors, engineers and scientists. Your voice quality is God given but voice personality is what you make of it by way of appropriate vocalization, enunciation and inflection.


Your voice personality is a result of these nine components which I call as voice personality pillars.

1. PACE- Some of us speak too fastwhere as some very slow. Speaking too fast can show you anxious and make it difficult for others to understand. Solution is, take a deep breath before you speak and natural pauses can work wonders. If you speak slowly, you appear fully in control, calm, and confident. However, this style of talking can backfire as you can appear absent minded and put others to sleep. On the contrary, some of the Psychologists have found that delivery at a rate of 190 words per minute makes a speaker credible, objective, knowledgeable, and persuasive as compared to slow speakers.

2.PITCH- One clear difference between various human voices is how loud people are. Technically, pitch is the frequency of the sound waves you produce. Those who speak in high pitch, generally sound unpleasant and arrogant. After a few minutes, your listener may even think of ways or excuses to end your conversation. A low but powerful voice reflects authority because a deep voice correlates with high testosterone. It is understood that deeper voices have more credibility than higher-pitched voices. Pitch is measured in hertz which helps in defining different sounds heard by human ear. When you make variation in your voice, it establishes and reinforces your message.

3.PAUSE- Pauses are one of the most precious element in your voice. In any conversation, it is not only important what you say, but equally important is how you say. Mark Twain rightly said, “No word is ever as effective as the well placed pause”. If you take a pause before emphasizing an important word or concept, it will make you reflect what comes next is important for the audience.

4.PRONUNCIATION- Pronunciation is also very important component in your voice personality. Incorrect pronunciation can crash your sharpness into uneducated and un intelligent person. You must master the correct pronunciation of jargon or unfamiliar words, including complicated, technical, and other terminology. Always pay attention to the way authorities of language are pronouncing aword on RadioorTelevision. Talking dictionaries are also helpful asset.

5.PUNCTUATION- When a script is well punctuated, it is like a piece of music with natural flows, stops and an inherent rhythm. Understanding and reading punctuation is essential for a better performance which allow for smooth moderation of pace, rhythm and breathing like a musician for quality performance. 

6.PRACTICE- Some people are born with capacities that enable them to excel, while others lack these traits, are destined for mediocrity. Whe nwe look at our voice personality, our talent continues to grow implicitly or explicitly only through practice. Aptitude, skill and knowledge are the three elements in giving direction to any talent. Practice is such a key that if you want to achieve anything you have to work, work and then work some more.

7.POSTURE- Posture plays a significant role in your voice personality. Slouching as you speak, moving from one foot to the other, or leaning on the dice bring down your audience’s confidence in you and your message. You may not be aware of your bad posture, but whenever you are the focus of the audience’s attention on T.V or Radio, poor and uncertain posture will be obvious to your listeners. There are many aspects of delivering a speech which you cannot control, but proper posture is certainly one variable you can control very easily. Easy way to begin your speech is by standing with your feet 7 to 12 inches apart and if seating, keep your back straight. This will give you balance for the rest of the body and will help you to be more confident.

8.PASSION- Passion is a burning desire to achieve something or reach some goal. Someone has rightly said, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity.” If you're passionate, then you're able to add more colours in your voice.

9. POSITIVITY- Positive attitude gives you pleasant and happy feelings. This brings brightness to your eyes, more energy, and comfort. You walk tall, your voice is more powerful and your body language shows the way you feel.Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and gives positive results. Maintaining your positive attitude is critical when you want to improve the quality of your voice.


*Keep your posture straight and let the air from the depths of your diaphragm rise to modulate your voice. 

*Take a deep breath and then close your ears and eyes with both thumb and figures of your hands and hum “OM” for sixty seconds.

*Take a newspaper and read headlines like a newsreader taking pause after every news headline.

*Speak confidently and aim for the lowest comfortable pitch of  yourvoice.

*Never abuse your vocal chords by smoking or drinking too much caffeine. Drink Lukewarm water before a speech.

*Whenever you are using a microphone, test it first and while speaking, stay at a proper distance so that it does not cause distractions.

*In order to increase your throat stamina and its lubrication, keep in your mouth something like Mishri or green cardamom etc. 

And, last but not the least, breathe comfortably, rhythmically and steadily while speaking. Here praynayam, yoga and meditation can be very helpful.


Lyndon B. Johnson, former US president had rightly said, “Yesterday is not our store cover but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”

If you’d like to launch a voice improvement program, the first and foremost thing is– a solid plan, focus and a healthy frame of mind. Creating a successful plan involves three basic phases: assessment, commitment and action. The most daunting barriers to beginning a program is lack of time, motivation and focus. Trusting your abilities and preparing for challenges makesyou successful. Discover yourself how you’re wired and what makes you click, blink and kick.

SureshVerma is a Broadcast Skills Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Media Educationist &Senior Faculty in Jamia Millia  Islamia University, New Delhi. email: askverma@gmail.com.