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Special Content

Issue no 27, 02-08 October 2021

The Fit India Mobile App

The Fit India Movement was launched in 2019 with the vision of making India a fit and healthy nation. The key message is that fitness is easy, fun and free, and can be practised anywhere. One year later, on the occasion of the first Anniversary of Fit India movement, the Prime Minister launched 'The ageappropriate fitness protocols for three age groups (1) 5-18 years (2) 18-65 years, and (3) 65+ years' developed by an expert committee and endorsed by World Health Organization (WHO). Now, the Fit India App is launched for this purpose. It is free and available in English and Hindi on both the Android and the iOS platforms and has been developed keeping in mind that it works even on basic smartphones.

The unique features of the Fit India App are to empower each individual to check his/her fitness score based on a set of age specific fitness tests, and get specific recommendations on how to improve their fitness level through physical activities including yoga protocols. Animated videos have been provided to make individuals understand about the procedure for conducting the fitness tests themselves. These features are based on the ageappropriate fitness protocols.

The "Fitness Protocol" feature allows the user from different age groups to do various exercises which help them in the keeping up with basic fitness levels. The protocol covers exercises that are universally followed and duly ratified by health experts.

 Everyone has different food, activity and hydration need based on their age, gender, current lifestyle and body composition. The "My Plan" feature of Fit India Mobile App lets users define their current lifestyle - time spent on physical activity, water intake, sleep hours, current weight and targeted weight - to get a customised food plan, lifestyle changes for them to achieve his/ her goals. The Fit India App recommends Indian food plan, number of glasses of water, and number of hours of sleep.

 The "Activity Tracker" feature of the application helps users keep track of their daily activity levels. The realtime Step Tracker helps individuals track their daily steps and encourages them to set higher goals for themselves. They can set hourly reminders and track their progress of fitness scores and daily activity over a period of time, share their fitness and activity data with others to motivate more people to take up fitness and lifestyle changes. The App also provides opportunities for individuals, schools, groups, and organisations to participate in various Fit India events, certification programs, etc. People can share their fitness success stories using this platform.

Source: PIB/Yojana