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Special Content

Issue no 41, 8 - 14 January 2022

Pm Shri Narendra Modi’s Mann Ki Baat 26th December 2021


·         A new variant of Corona has already knocked at the door. Our experience of the last two years is that our own effort as a citizen is very important to defeat this global pandemic. Our scientists are continuously studying this new Omicron variant. They are getting new data every day, their suggestions are being worked upon. In such a situation, selfawareness, self-discipline is in itself the country’s strength in fighting against this variant of Corona. It is this very collective strength of ours that will defeat Corona; with this very sense of responsibility we have to enter into 2022.

·         Group Captain Varun Singh of the Indian Air Force was flying the helicopter that fell prey to a mishap this month in Tamil Nadu. In that accident, we lost the country's first CDS, General Bipin Rawat and his wife along with many brave hearts. Group Captain Varun Singh also fought death bravely for many days, but then he also left us. He was given Shaurya Chakra in August just this year. After this honor, he had written a letter to the principal of his school. In his letter, Varun Singh ji did not boast of his valour; instead he referred to his failures. He talked about how he converted his shortcomings into abilities. At one place in this letter he has written – “It is ok to be mediocre. Not everyone will excel at school and not everyone will be able to score in the 90s. If you do, it is an amazing achievement and must be applauded. However, if you don't, do not think that you are meant to be mediocre. You may be mediocre in school but it is by no means a measure of things to come in life. Find your calling - it could be art, music, graphic design, literature, etc. Whatever you work towards, be dedicated, do your best. Never go to bed thinking, I could have put-in more efforts.” He has inspired the whole country. Even though his letter talks only to the students, he has given a message to our entire society.

·         This year also I am planning to address the students before the exams. The registration for this program is also going to start 28th December 2021 onwards on Mygov.in to 20th January 2022. For this, online competition will also be organized for students, teachers, and parents of class 9 to 12. I would like you all to take part in this. Together we will brainstorm on many aspects related to examinations, career, success and student life.

·         Nilesh ji, a resident of Lucknow, has showered praises on a unique Drone Show in Lucknow. In the Drone Show, different aspects of the Indian freedom struggle were brought to life. Be it the 'Chauri Chaura Andolan,’ the ' Kakori Train' incident, or Netaji Subhash's indomitable courage and valor, this Drone Show won everyone's hearts. Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav gives us an opportunity to live the memories of the freedom struggle; gives us an opportunity to experience them. Let us continue to be inspired by the great personalities of the freedom struggle, continue to further strengthen our efforts for the country.

·         India is endowed with many extraordinary talents, whose work inspires others to do something. One such person is Dr. Kurela Vithalacharyaji from Telangana. 84 years old Vithalacharyaji exemplifies the fact that when it comes to fulfilling your dreams, age does not matter at all. Right from childhood Vithalacharyaji had a wish to open a library. The country was a slave then, circumstances were such that his childhood dream remained just a dream. Over time Vithalacharyaji, became a lecturer, deeply studied the Telugu language and also created many works in the same. 6-7 years ago, he started a library with his own books. He put his life's earnings into this. Gradually, people started joining and contributing to it. In this library at Ramannapet Division in Yadadri-Bhuvnagiri District, there are nearly 2 lakh books. Today he feels very happy to see that a large number of students are getting its benefits. Inspired by his efforts, people of many other villages have started setting up libraries.

·         In Pune there is a centre named Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute. This institute has started an online course to acquaint the people of other countries with the importance of Mahabharata. When the Institute started a course with regard to this, it received tremendous response. I am discussing this grand initiative so that people become aware of how the various aspects of our traditions are being presented in a modern manner. Innovative methods are also being adopted to ensure its benefits reach people based across seven seas.

·         People from different countries are not only curious to know about our culture but are also helping to spread it. One such person is Serbian Scholar Dr. Momir Nikich. He has compiled a bilingual Sanskrit-Serbian Dictionary. More than 70 thousand Sanskrit words included in this dictionary have been translated into Serbian language. You would be delighted to know that Dr. Nikich has learned Sanskrit language at the age of 70. He tells that he got his inspiration from reading the articles of Mahatma Gandhi. A similar example is that of 93 (Ninetythree) year old Professor J. Gendedharam of Mongolia. In the last 4 decades, he has translated about 40 ancient texts, epics and compositions of India into Mongolian language.

·         Many people are working with this kind of passion in our country too. I also got to know about the efforts of Sagar Mule ji of Goa, who is involved in saving centuries-old 'Kaavi' painting from extinction. 'Kaavi' form of painting covers the ancient history of India in itself. During the Portuguese rule in Goa, the people who migrated from there introduced the people of other states to this wonderful painting form. With the passage of time this painting was on the verge of extinction. But Sagar Mule ji has infused a new lease of life to this art.

·         The people of Arunachal Pradesh have been running a unique campaign for a year and have named it "Arunachal Pradesh Airgun Surrender Campaign". In this campaign, people are voluntarily surrendering their airguns – Do you know why? So that indiscriminate hunting of birds can be stopped. Arunachal Pradesh is home to more than 500 species of birds. These include some indigenous species, which are not found anywhere else in the world. But gradually, now the number of birds in the forests has started declining. This airgun surrender campaign is going on now to rectify this very situation. So far, the people of Arunachal have voluntarily surrendered more than 1600 airguns. I commend and congratulate the people of Arunachal for this.

·         More than 30 thousand NCC cadets participated in Puneet Sagar campaign. These cadets cleaned the beaches, removed plastic waste from there and collected it for recycling. Our beaches, our mountains are worth visiting only when there is cleanliness at the place. Many people dream of going to a particular place all their lives... but when they go there, knowingly or unknowingly, they leave behind waste there. It is the responsibility of every countryman that the places which give us so much joy, should not be dirtied by us.

·         I have come to know about a start-up named Saaf Water which has been started by some youth. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, it will give information related to the purity and quality of water in their area to people. This is just the next step of cleanliness. In view of the importance of this start-up for the clean and healthy future of the people, it has also received a Global Award.

·         In the effort 'Ek Qadam Swachhata ki Ore,’ be it the institutions or the government, everyone has an important role. Special campaigns are being run in ministries and departments to remove the old and pending material. When this cleanliness drive was started in the Department of Post, the junkyard there became completely empty. Now this junkyard has been turned into a courtyard and cafeteria. Another junkyard has been converted into a parking space for two wheelers. Similarly, the Ministry of Environment converted its vacant junkyard into a wellness centre. The Ministry of Urban Affairs has even installed a Swachh ATM too. Its purpose is that people deposit garbage  and take cash in return. Departments under the Civil Aviation Ministry have started making organic compost from dry leaves falling from trees and organic waste. The department is also working to make stationery from waste paper.

·         Like every time, after a month, we will meet again, but, in 2022. Every new beginning also brings an opportunity to recognize your potential. We have to learn so much, innovate anew, achieve new goals, therefore, we will have to persevere without wasting even a moment. We have to take the country to new heights of development, so we have to make full use of every resource of ours. In a way, this is also the mantra of Atma Nirbhar Bharat that is self-reliant India, because, when we use our resources properly, we will not let them go waste, only then will we recognize the power of local, only then will the country be self-reliant. So, let us reiterate our resolve to think big, dream big, and work hard to make them come true.