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Special Content

Issue no 11, 11 - 17 JUNE 2022


PM Shri Narendra Modi's Mann Ki Baat Highlights

·         A few days ago, the country has made an achievement, which inspires all of us. On the 5th of this month, the number of Unicorns in the country has reached the figure of 100. A Unicorn is a start-up worth at least Rs 7500 crore. The total valuation of these Unicorns is more than US$ 330 billion, that is, more than Rs 25 lakh crore. You will also be surprised to know that out of our total Unicorns, 44 came up last year. 14 more Unicorns were formed a new in 3-4 months this year. This means that even in this phase of the global pandemic, our start-ups have been creating wealth and value. The average annual growth rate of Indian Unicorns is more than those of the USA, the UK and many other countries. Analysts also say that in the coming years there will be a sharp spike in these numbers. The good thing is that our Unicorns are diversifying. They are operating in many fields like e-Commerce, Fin-Tech, Ed-Tech, Bio-Tech etc.

·         Another thing which I consider more important is that the world of start-ups is reflecting the spirit of New India. Today, India's start-up ecosystem is not limited to just big cities; entrepreneurs are emerging from smaller cities and towns as well. This shows that in India, the one who has an innovative idea can create wealth. 

·         A good mentor can take a start-up to new heights. I am proud that there are many such mentors in India who have dedicated themselves to promote Start-ups. Sridhar Vembuji has recently received the Padma Award. He himself is a successful entrepreneur. But now, he has also taken up upon himself the task of grooming other entrepreneurs. We also have people like Madan Padaaki who had created a platform named One-Bridge in 2014 to promote rural entrepreneurs. Today, One-Bridge is present in more than 75 districts of southern and eastern India. More than 9000 rural entrepreneurs associated with it are providing their services to rural consumers. Meera Shenoyji is also one such example. She is doing remarkable work in the field of Market Linked Skills Training for rural, tribal and disabled youth. I have mentioned only a few names here, but today there is no dearth of mentors among us. It is a matter of great happiness for us that today a complete support system is evolving in the country for start-ups. I am sure that in the times to come, we will get to see a new flight of progress in the start-up world of India.

·         A few days ago, a Self Help Group from Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, sent me a Thanjavur Doll which has a GI Tag. In a way, this Thanjavur Doll, besides being beautiful that it is, is also scripting a new saga of women empowerment. Under the initiative 'Tharagaigal Kaivinai Porutkal Virpanai Angadi' women's Self-Help Groups stores and kiosks have been opened in Thanjavur. Because of this, the lives of many poor families have changed as women are now able to sell their products directly to the customers. The special thing is that 22 SelfHelp Groups are associated with this initiative.

·         Apart from GI products like Thanjaur Doll and Bronze Lamp, these women Self Help Groups also craft toys, mats, and artificial jewellery. Due to such stores, the sales of GI products as well as handicraft products have seen a significant rise. Through this campaign, not only have the artisans got a fillip, but the women are also getting empowered by a rise in their income.

·         I urge the listeners of 'Mann Ki Baat'… find out which Women Self Help Groups are working in your area. You should also collect information about their products and use these products as much as possible. By doing this, you will not only help in increasing the income of the Self Help Groups, but will also give impetus to the 'Self-reliant India Campaign'. 

·         Our country is a rich treasure house of many languages, scripts and dialects. Varied attire, cuisine and culture in different regions are our hallmark. As a nation, this diversity strengthens us and keeps us united. I wish to share with all of you a very inspiring example of beti Kalpana. Kalpana has recently passed her class 10th examination in Karnataka, but, the very special thing about her success is that, Kalpana did not know Kannada language till some time ago. She not only learned Kannada language in three months, but also scored 92 percent marks in the language paper. Kalpana is originally from Joshimath in Uttarakhand. She had been suffering from TB earlier and when she was in the class three she lost her eyesight too, but, as they say, 'where there is a will, there is a way'. Kalpana later came in contact with Professor Taramurthy, a resident of Mysuru, who not only encouraged her but also helped her in every way. Today, through her hard work, she has set an example for all of us. I congratulate Kalpana for her fortitude.

·         Similarly, there are many people in our country who are working towards strengthening the linguistic diversity of the country. One such friend Shripati Tuduji hails from Purulia in West Bengal. Tuduji is a professor of Santhali language at Sidho-KaanoBirsa University, Purulia. He has prepared a version of the country's Constitution in his native 'Ol Chiki' script for the Santhali community. Shripati Tuduji asserts that our Constitution makes every citizen of our country aware of one's rights and duties. Therefore, it is important for every citizen to be familiar with it. I appreciate this thinking of Shripatiji and his efforts. This is a living example of the spirit of 'Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat'. 

·         The holy pilgrimage of 'CharDham' in Uttarakhand is currently underway. There are many devotees who are worshiping in the Dham of Baba Kedarnath, as well as performing the sadhna of cleanliness. Some are cleaning near their place of stay, while others are cleaning garbage along the travel route. Many organizations are also voluntarily working there along with the Swachh Bharat campaign team. Through the efforts of such people the divinity of Dev Bhoomi and holy places has been maintained…We go there to experience it, so it is our responsibility to maintain this divinity and spirituality. 

·         A few days later, the world will celebrate the 5th of June as 'Environment Day'. We should run positive environment campaigns around us and this is a never ending task. On this Environment Day, plant a tree yourself and inspire others too.

·         On the 21st of June, we are going to celebrate the 8th 'International Yoga Day'. This time the theme of 'Yoga Day' is- Yoga for Humanity. I would urge all of you to celebrate 'Yoga Day' with great enthusiasm while taking precautions related to corona. The COVID pandemic has made all of us realize the overarching importance of health in our lives and Yoga being a great medium in ensuring the same. People are experiencing how much physical, spiritual and intellectual well being is receiving a boost through Yoga. From the world's top business persons to film and sports personalities, from students to common people, everyone is making yoga an integral part of one's life. 

·         I have come to know about some very innovative examples being held on 'Yoga Day' in the country and abroad. One of these is Guardian Ring - it will be a very unique programme. In this, the Movement of the Sun will be celebrated, that is, as the sun travels, we will welcome it through Yoga from different parts of the earth. Indian missions in different countries will organize Yoga programs at sunrise according to the local time there. The program will successively commence, following one country after another. The journey from east to west will go on continuously…and on these lines, it will proceed accordingly. Streaming of these programs will also be linked one after the other, that is, it will be a kind of relay Yoga streaming event. Do watch it.

·         Keeping in mind the 'Amrit Mahotsav' in our country, 'International Yoga Day' will also be organized at 75 major places in the country. On this occasion, many organizations and countrymen are preparing to do something innovative at their own level, in their respective fields. I wish you should also start preparations for 'Yoga Day' on your own right now. Meet more and more people, urge everyone to join the program of 'Yoga Day'; inspire them. I am sure that all of you will participate enthusiastically in the 'Yoga Day', as well as adopt Yoga in your daily life. 

·         Friends, a few days ago I had gone to Japan. Amid many of my programmes, I got a chance to meet some wonderful personalities. Though they belong to Japan, they harbour amazing attachment and love for India. One of them is Hiroshi Koikeji, who is a wellknown Art Director. You will be very happy to know that he has directed the Mahabharat Project. This project was started in Cambodia and it is continuing for the last 9 years. Hiroshi Koikeji performs every task in a very different way. Every year, he travels to one country in Asia and produces parts of the Mahabharata with local artists and musicians there. Through this project, he has done productions and given stage performances in nine countries including India, Cambodia and Indonesia. 

·         Hiroshi Koikeji brings together artists who have had a diverse background in Classical and Traditional Asian Performing Art. Performers from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Japan make it more attractive through Java dance, Balinese dance, Thai dance. The special thing is that in this each performer speaks in his own mother tongue and the choreography very beautifully displays this diversity makes this production more lively. 

·         The other two people I met in Japan are Atsushi Matsuo-ji and Kenji Yoshi-ji. Both of them are associated with TEM Production Company. This company is associated with the Japanese Animation Film based on Ramayana that was released in 1993. This project was associated with Japan's very famous film director Yugo Sakoji. About 40 years ago, in 1983, he came to know about Ramayana for the first time. 'Ramayana' touched his heart, after which he started researching deeply on it. After reading 10 versions of Ramayana in Japanese language, he wanted to showcase it through animation. In this, Indian animators also helped him a lot. Now, after 30 years this animation film is being remastered in 4K. This project is likely to be completed soon. People living thousands of kilometers away from us in Japan, who don't know our language, who don't know much about our traditions, their dedication to our culture, this reverence, this respect, is very commendable - which Indian would not be proud of that?

(This is an approximate English translation of the PM's Mann Ki Baat originally delivered in Hindi).

Source - pmindia.gov.in