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Special Content

Issue no 45, 04-10 February 2023

Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023

·         Expectations from family are natural but if the family is looking at social status, then it's not healthy.

·         I urge the parents not to pressurize their children. But at the same time, students should also not underestimate their capabilities.

·         Time management is important not only for examinations but also in your daily life, just prioritise your work

·         There is no fatigue when you work, there is satisfaction. Only when you don't work, do you feel stressed and tired.

·         Do not be suppressed by pressured. Stay focused.

·         When a student asks questions, that means he or she is inquisitive. This is a good sigh. Teachers must always welcome it.

·         Some students use their creativity to cheat or use unfair means in examinations but if those students use their time and creativity in a good way they will achieve heights of success.

·         Students should work smart instead of working hard

·         There is always something extraordinary in an average person and something average in an extraordinary person. So never be under the pressure to be extraordinary.

·         For a prosperous democracy, criticism is vital. However, there is very thin line between criticism and obstruction. Parents must criticize in a constructive, positive way. If students are hardworking and honest, then they should not care about the criticisms.

·         Exam results are not the end of life.

(Excerpts from PM Shri Narendra Modi's interaction with students on 6th edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha held on 27th January 2023).